Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. Completes CBD Producer Application; HempTrain™ Key to Hemp-CBD Mass Production!

CALGARY, Canada, February 13, 2019- Today, Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp(CGT) has completed the transfer of its Standard Processing License Application to the new Health Canada Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS).

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp., using its HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Technology, is capable of producing a concentrated and refined green microfiber, cleanly separated from the rest of the industrial hemp stalk. This green microfiber, rich in CBD (cannabidiol), is an ideal feedstock for CBD extraction, allowing high efficiency in mass production of CBD from field grown hemp. Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. has been selling HempTrain™ installations across North America since 2018.

This extensive application is a major strategic step for the company, covering every aspect of the intended business line, ranging from engineering to operating to regulatory to commercial. The application review process by Health Canada is expected to take 6-12 months.

Learn more about the HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant

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