A Natural Way of Keeping Food Fresh

Hemp-Fresco™ naturally keeps your food fresh longer. Developed from specially processed Canadian hemp fiber, Hemp-Fresco™ lightweight food preservation pads will extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

The challenge in keeping fruits and vegetables fresh is a well known problem to farmers, grocers, and consumers. Often, produce not sold within 24 hours is discarded as waste. Hemp-Fresco™ has been proven to slow the spoilage of fruits and vegetables; increasing freshness and significantly decreasing food waste.

Possessing unique antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, Hemp-Fresco™ is beneficial in providing superior odor control and preventing undesirable bacteria from spoiling your food, keeping your food smelling, tasting and looking fresh.

Hemp-Fresco™ is ultra absorbent– absorbing ripening gases, excess moisture and liquids given off by fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding premature spoiling.

Save space in your refrigerator and say good to food bags and clunky containers! Hemp-Fresco™  is safe to compost and is easy to use. Simply line your fruit bowls, vegetable keepers and crispers with Hemp-Fresco™ and enjoy the just-picked taste for days longer!

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How To Use


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