HempAlta™Pets Hemp Cat Litter Accepted By Major Retailers

CALGARY, Canada, July 22, 2020- Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) is delighted to announce the acceptance of HempAlta™Pets Hemp Cat Litter by major retailers, including Petland Canada, Sobeys-owned banners, Tail Blazers and Amazon as well as many independent specialty retailers across Canada and the United States. The wide acceptance this product marks another milestone for commercializing high value, HempTrain™ manufactured products in North America.

CGT is one of few companies in the global hemp industry, that has commercialized high-value whole-plant hemp products for existing, multi-billion dollar markets, including pet care, garden care, food preservation, hemp-infused products and construction. The cat litter market alone in Canada and the United States is worth an estimated $5 billion, servicing approximately 100 million cats and 38% of households. Last month, CGT spotlighted the success of hemp in high-value, global markets in the educational video, “Hurd: Establishing High-Value, Global Markets.”

Learn more about CGT’s other successfully commercialized, widely-accepted products, including NForce-Fiber®Hemp-Pak™Hemp-Fresco™ and Green Microfiber (GMF).

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