HempTrain™ Presented as Key Technology at US Hemp Conference & Expo

CALGARY, Canada, November 1, 2019– On October 13, 2019 Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) presented the revolutionary advanced hemp processing technology – HempTrain™, on the national stage at the 2019 US National Hemp Growers Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the informative speaker session, HempTrain™ – Engineering a Sustainable Hemp Industry, Dr. Stephen Christensen, CGT’s Vice President, presented the HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant as the means of bridging the production gap between farmers and high-value markets. High-value products are the key to growth of the North American hemp industry. Therefore, the farmers, who are not in a position to create these products without processors, will need involvement of hemp processors in the production chain. Successful processors, will in turn need to be technologically-advanced to enter these markets. HempTrain™ was presented as the key technology with the ground-breaking ability to separate whole plant hemp into a variety of high-value streams, including a high-CBD extraction-ready fraction, a green microfiber, long, structural bast fiber, clean, size-specified hurd, and seeds.

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