New Video 'HEMP SAVES FOOD!' Unveils Technology Preventing Food Waste – A Global Problem

CALGARY, Canada, June 25, 2021- Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) is pleased to release the video “HEMP SAVES FOOD!”, highlighting the completely new and high-impact use of hemp for food preservation. The problem of food spoilage is enormous.  Up to 40% of food is spoiled or wasted, while half the planet goes to bed hungry! Food storage and protection from spoilage is a multi-billion dollar business.

Numerous scientific studies have long established that hemp, due to its natural antibacterial properties, can be used to store and significantly prolong the shelf life of food. Until recently, these findings remained only a theory, due to the lack of technology capable of manufacturing hemp products suitable for food storage and protection. CGT has now successfully commercialized such a product- Hemp-Fresco™, while significantly furthering the application and use of industrial hemp.

The informative short 4-minute video aptly demonstrates how, given the right hemp processing technology, hemp can become part of the solution for one of the biggest problems the world faces.

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