HempAlta™Pets provides premium pet care for the sensible animal lover. Because we love our pets as much as you do, our products are made with premium, sustainable, all natural ingredients that aren’t harmful; ensuring your furry loved ones are receiving only the best.

As animal lovers ourselves, we understand the powerful bond with a pet; how they strengthen our families and enrich our lives. As a result, our products are fully biodegradable and are people, pet, and planet safe. All Hempalta™Pets products are made with premium Canadian hemp fiber.

HempAlta™Pets features the ONLY whole granule hemp Cat Litter and Hemp CBD-Fiber™ Dog Food Supplement.


Because Your Cat’s Health Matters….

Pet health begins with you and we can help.

HempAlta™Pets Lightweight Hemp Cat Litter is the only natural and lightweight cat litter made from 100% whole granule, renewable eco-friendly Canadian hemp fiber. Engineered to be the healthiest and safest litter in the world, HempAlta™Pets does not contain clumping agents, fillers or toxic clay. Unlike clay litter, HempAlta™Pets Hemp Cat Litter is dust-free for respiratory relief, so you and your cat can breathe easier. Naturally antibacterial and soft on paws, HempAlta™Pets Lightweight Hemp Cat Litter is biodegradable and flushable, so you don’t have to worry about clogging your septic system!

5X More Absorbent

Don’t waste anymore time chiseling and scraping a wet messy litter box. HempAlta™Pets Lightweight Hemp Cat Litter is ultra absorbent; absorbing up to 5X more than leading litters, preventing moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray, making clean up simple and hassle free.

Superior Odor Control

A proprietary blend that is a natural deodorizer for superior odor control; proven to neutralize unpleasant odors and smells and locking them inside the litter, leaving cats feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

Unscented, chemical free with no added dyes or perfumes

HempAlta™Pets Lightweight Hemp Cat Litter is all natural and unscented. Cat’s noses are much more sensitive than humans, as a result they often prefer non scented litter. HempAlta™Pets never adds artificial perfumes, fragrances or dyes, so you know it’s 100% natural and chemical free.

7X lighter than other litters

Don’t struggle to carry heavy litter again! This eco-friendly litter is more than 7X lighter than other litters. One bag of HempAlta™Pets Lightweight Hemp Cat Litter has equal volume to 21lbs to traditional clay litter!

Our Difference

Traditional Cat Litter Vs. HempAlta™Pets

Traditional cat litter is made from clay which contains harmful compounds such as sodium bentonite and crystalline silica. There is a prevailing opinion that bentonite clay, often used in clumping cat litters, may cause adverse health effects in cats. Fine clay particles can group together, blocking passages and irritating tissues; ultimately leading to respiratory problems and urinary gastrointestinal blockage, amongst other health risks. In addition, the clay used in traditional litter is collected through a process called strip mining. Strip mining is incredibly detrimental to the environment as trees, land and wildlife are removed to access sub-surface clay deposits. HempAlta™Pets cat litter is made with your cat’s health in mind, ensuring only the best care. Our cat litter is made from  100% renewable Canadian grown hemp fiber. Our all natural ingredients are not harmful and will not harm your cat’s health. Our litter is pet, people and planet safe. It’s that simple.

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Maintaining a healthy diet is just as important for us as it is for our pups. Processed pet food may not always have the necessary amount of fiber and nutrients needed to energize your pet and maintain good health.

Hemp CBD-Fiber™ is a 100% natural and toxin-free food supplement for dogs that is delicious and nutritious.

Made from specially processed, clean, and refined Canadian hemp fiber, Hemp CBD-Fiber™ is high in protein, carbohydrates, and fiber, and has many of the nutrients needed for a well balanced diet.

This nutritious food supplement is rich in naturally occurring CBD (~0.75%), and is organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and pesticide free.

Sprinkle Hemp CBD-Fiber™ on dog food or bake it into your pup’s favourite treats.

Nutritional Analysis | CBD Analysis 1 | CBD Analysis 2

Disclaimer: We make no specific claims as to CBD medicinal properties. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical conditions.

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