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All Natural 100% Premium Canadian Hemp-No Chemicals

  • Spills on hard floors can be hazardous and increase the risk for slips and falls. HempZorb™ 100% natural spill absorbent quickly contains spilled liquids. HempZorb’s unique, ultra-lightweight, ultra-absorbent formula is non-abrasive and will not scratch floors. 

    Use with:

    • Water

    • Alcohol

    • Petroleum oils

    • Cooking oil

    • Fuel

    • Hydraulic Oil

    • Bio-materials 

    • Paint 

    • Automotive Fluids 

    • And Other Liquids

    1. Pour Around Spill

    Pour around spill. If the spill is flowing, pour HempZorb in front of spill creating a dam. The viscosity of the liquid determines the required amount of HempZorb.

    2. Mix HempZorb with liquid

    Mix HempZorb with spilled liquid and mix with a medium to stiff bristle broom in a circular motion until the liquid is completely absorbed. If the spill is not completely absorbed, add more HempZorb directly on the residue. Repeat until the liquid is completely absorbed.

    3. Sweep Up

    After the spill is absorbed, sweep up the HempZorb mixture with a broom and dust pan. If the spill is high viscosity (thick) or of large volume, a garden rake can be used to work HempZorb through the spill. This will allow HempZorb to penetrate the surface of the spills.