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Pyroguard Sprayed Hemp Bales

Pyroguard Sprayed Hemp Bales

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Commercial buyers will be contacted prior to processing final payment to calculate freight costs.

Bales cannot be shipped, pick up only. 

Once processed by HempTrain™ our premium bast fiber is compressed and baled into 14”x18”x36” bales; each 5.25 cu.ft bale expands to 9 cu.ft when loose. 

Contact us to discuss your project.

Erosion, Storm Water & Sediment Control

Serving as a natural barrier in erosion control and is an effective, sustainable solution to sheet and rill erosion problems for sediment control and storm water runoff. Our hemp fiber bales are shape stable and heavy ( ~40lbs +/- 5lbs).
Ideal use:
In ditches for storm water control 
Flood control 
As a silt fence replacement on steep slopes
Construction job-site sediment control applications 
In wattles/erosion logs as a high-performance, highly-durable replacement for straw

Reinforcing Fiber for Construction

Applications replacing synthetic & glass fiber

Premium Yarning & Textiles

Car Panel Construction

Replacing synthetic & glass fiber and fiber mats

Structural Composites

Lay-up Construction in Structural Boards

Ground Covering & Mulch

Bast fiber has superior water retention, reducing the frequency of watering. Bast fiber strands are long and durable, making it an effective soil insulation to trap air and protect the soil from temperature fluctuations and plants & trees from extreme cold or heat. The long fiber strands are intertwined, keeping the fiber in place and is not easily disturbed by wind, water and foot traffic. Contains no seeds, minimizes weed growth and is compostable and pesticide-free. 
Ideal Use:
Tree & Plant Nurseries
Vegetable & Fruit Farms
Garden Beds
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