Using the strength of hemp.

We are an industry leader in agricultural technology and innovative hemp processing. We provide solutions for a wide range of industries including food preservation, pets, garden, personal care, and nutrition.  We work with progressive farmers and world recognized researchers with unparalleled expertise. Our 100% natural hemp is grown in Southern Alberta, home to some of the world's largest hemp acreages.  It is then processed into multiple hemp products using a state-of-the-art HempTrain™ at our production facility overlooking the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Hemp is currently used in more than 25,000 commercial and industrial products.  Properly processed hemp can be used to replace or strengthen a wide variety of much less sustainable materials, including plastic, steel and fiberglass. Our customers are on the right side of change.  We offer a variety of consumer products to those that are leading the charge for a healthier and sustainable future.  We also offer high-value fibre, hurd and green micro-fibre hemp to our industry clients who want to reduce their carbon footprint and be a force for good. To learn more about our state-of-the-art advanced hemp processing facility using HempTrain™ technology or to be become a partner, please contact us.

HempAlta™Pets Hemp Cat Litter

Hemp Hurd

HempAlta™Pets Premium Hemp Bedding

Hemp-Pak™ All-Purpose Soil Amendment

Hemp-Fresco™ Food Preservation Pads

Green Microfiber

For Hemp-Infused Products

Bast Fiber

Long, Strong & Structurally Intact

Clean Premium Hurd

Clean, uniform size, whole granules

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