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Hemp-Pak 15L

Hemp-Pak 15L

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Good soil is the foundation of any successful garden. It is no secret that hemp is a plant that boasts abundant industrial and nutritive properties.

Hemp-Pak is the only all-purpose, premium soil enrichment made from hemp. It provides natural aeration to plants and lawns, decreases compaction, provides optimal water retention, and is rich in bio-nutrients, enriching the soil to help plants and lawns thrive. Because of its water-retention capability, Hemp-Pak reduces the frequency of watering and combats evaporation in dry conditions.

Specially Processed from 100% Canadian Hemp

Hemp-Pak is the only all-purpose, premium organic soil enrichment made from hemp.

Increases Aeration

Provides a natural aeration to plants, decreasing compaction and providing plants with the nutrients they need to thrive.

Retains Soil Moisture

Helps soils and potting mixes retain moisture, allowing for a longer time between watering and combating evaporation in dry conditions.

Safe For All Plant Types

Safe for plants, people, and pets, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. Unlike traditional fertilizers, plants will not receive nutrient burn if too much is used.


Hemp-Pak™ is fully biodegradable and can be composted or disposed of with the potting mix.

Instructions For Use

2 oz of Hemp Pak™ per 4L of soil
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  • Increases Aeration

  • Retains Soil Moisture

  • Rich In Bio-Nutrients

  • Safe for All Plant Types

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Hemp-Pak is an all natural organic soil amendment.  As a result, not all hemp seeds are removed from the straw during harvest and while we filter out most of the remaining ones, a few may sneak through.  While the majority of the seeds are not viable, some may sprout in your garden. Unlike grass and weeds, once the hemp seedling is removed, it won’t regrow and you will continue to experience the benefits of Hemp-Pak. 

Organic Enrichment

Soil Enrichments modify the soil structure as they decompose, allowing it to absorb and retain water and nutrients more efficiently.

Improves Soil Condition

Soil Enrichments improve a soil's physical condition (e.g. soil structure, water infiltration),indirectly affecting plant growth.

Use Hemp-Pak For:

Potted Plants

Raised Beds




Safe for people, pets and the planet

Hemp for Happier and Healthier House Plants

Have you ever come home from vacation only to find your cherished house plants in dismal condition? We’ve all been there.

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30 Days After Using Hemp-Pak

Before & after using Hemp-Pak™ on a residential lawn with proper maintenance of regular watering and mowing.