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Hemp Fresco Food Preservation Pads 3 Pack

Hemp Fresco Food Preservation Pads 3 Pack

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A sunny presence in your kitchen and your life

Hemp-Fresco ensures that the produce you’re eating stays fresher, longer. It saves you from disappointment, extra work, and skyrocketing costs - and helps you keep your family well-nourished. Just slip a Hemp-Fresco pad into your crisper and your fruit bowl and say goodbye to sludgy herbs, spoiled tomatoes, and sad bananas. Each pad lasts around a month. Bonus: you can compost your Hemp-Fresco pad once you’re done with it. 

Made from renewable, eco-friendly Canadian hemp fiber, Hemp-Fresco pads are proven to slow the spoilage of fresh produce and drastically cut the amount of food we waste. They’re eco-friendly, sustainable, and Canadian-made. 

Hemp-Fresco: It’s simple, economical - and it works!

How to keep your food fresher

1. Line vegetable crisper, keepers and fruit bowls with Fresco Pad
2. Rest your fruits and vegetables on top of the Fresco Pad
3. Replace your Fresco Pad after 30 days for best

Why use this product

Antibacterial & Antimicrobial properties
Superior Odor Control
Ultra Absorbent
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How To Use

  • 4 weeks of using Hemp-Fresco versus not using Hemp-Fresco

    The challenge in keeping fruits and vegetables fresh is well known to farmers, grocers, and consumers. Often, produce not sold within 24 hours is discarded as waste. Hemp-Fresco has been proven to slow the spoilage of fruits and vegetables – increasing freshness and significantly decreasing food waste.

  • 4 weeks of using Hemp-Fresco versus not using Hemp-Fresco

    Save space in your refrigerator and say goodbye to plastic food bags and clunky containers! Hemp-Fresco  is safe to compost and is easy to use. Simply line your fruit bowls, vegetable keepers and crispers with Hemp-Fresco and enjoy the just-picked taste for days longer.


  • Line vegetable crisper, keepers,and fruit bowls with Fresco pad.

  • Rest fresh vegetables and fruit on or near Hemp-Fresco pad.

  • Replace your Fresco pad after 30 days for best results. Compost the hemp and recycle the packaging.