Hemp-Fresco™ – World’s First Hemp-Based Food Preservation Pads – Is Accepted By Major Supermarket Chain

Hemp-Fresco™ – World’s First Hemp-Based Food Preservation Pads – Is Accepted By Major Supermarket Chain

CALGARY, Canada, October 21, 2021- Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp (CGT) is delighted to announce that leading supermarket chain Sobeys Inc., has begun selling Hemp-Fresco™ Food Preservation Pads in Sobeys-owned banners across Alberta. Sobeys Inc., is one of the largest food retailer in Canada with over 1500 stores nationwide. Sobeys Inc. is the parent organization to several supermarket banners in addition to the flagship Sobeys stores, including Safeway Canada and IGA supermarkets, among others. The large chain also carries HempAlta™Pets Hemp Cat Litter. The first orders of Hemp-Fresco™ have already been shipped.

Furthermore, Hemp-Fresco™ will be promoted by the supermarket chain this Winter, being featured in Sobeys ‘The Alberta Box’, a promotional sampler box of 25 Alberta-produced products.

"We are pleased to have this opportunity” said Stephen Christensen, Vice President at Canadian Greenfield Technologies. “Directionally, our scientists and engineers developed this product to combat the enormous problem of food spoilage. Up to 40% of food is spoiled or wasted! Numerous scientific studies have long established that hemp, due to its natural antibacterial properties, can be used to store and significantly prolong the shelf life of foods. Until recently, these findings were only theory, due to the lack of technology capable of manufacturing hemp products suitable for food storage and protection. This objective was achieved using our unique and patented HempTrain™ processing technology; the only technology capable of creating such a product. We are pleased with the rapidly growing success of this product  – the only 100% clean, whole granule hemp-based food preservation product in the global marketplace.”

Hemp-Fresco™ pads are the first product of their kind in the market, and are the only natural food saving pads made with 100%  Canadian-grown hemp core granules, which are naturally antibacterial.  Long-proven to slow the spoilage of fruits & vegetables, Hemp-Fresco™ pads absorb excess moisture and ripening gases AND naturally prevent bacterial growth – in turn preventing premature spoiling - helping food stay fresh longer.

In addition to Sobeys Inc., Hemp-Fresco™ is currently also available in independent grocers in Canada and worldwide on Amazon. Over the years, Hemp-Fresco™ has been highly regarded and well received by the market, with numerous repeat customers noting it’s remarkable performance. The product acceptance is growing with purchases expanding internationally to Europe.

About Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp.
CGT is an award-winning Calgary-based engineering & manufacturing company specializing in hemp products and processing technologies. An off-shoot of an international-award winning industry group in business since 1987, CGT is an industry leader with unparalleled expertise in hemp processing and the only supplier of complete whole plant hemp processing facilities in North America, having developed, designed, engineered, and manufactured the state-of-the-art HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant.

CGT's operations are structured into two divisions: The HempTrain™ Division, involved in manufacture of HempTrain™ technology for open market, and a Hemp Products Division, involved in the manufacture of hemp products, including HempAlta™ branded products and the ASTM/CSA-compliant NForce-Fiber™, using company’s own HempTrain™ facilities.

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