How Hemp is Helping Better the Planet

How Hemp is Helping Better the Planet

How Hemp is Helping Better the Planet 

We all switched to paper straws to save the sea turtles, but have you considered hemp as a sustainable solution to products we use in our daily lives? With the world coming together to solve the many environmental problems caused by plastic, HEMPALTA™ is proud to be leading the charge with hemp. 

The problem with plastic is that it lives in the environment for thousands of years after its use. Scientists have found plastic in the remotest of lands, deepest of oceans and the cleanest of air, making plastic pollution an inescapable threat that is slowly suffocating our planet. In an effort to address climate change and remedy the plastic problem, the Government of Canada recently announced its commitment to ban harmful single-use plastic. Given HEMPALTA’s dedication to using Hemp to Better the Planet™, we are all for Canadian-made sustainable products that reduce plastic use.  

Hemp is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and reusable, and is a sustainable alternative to plastic that can help significantly reduce non-biodegradable plastic waste. HEMPALTA employs green engineering practices to sustainably produce eco-friendly hemp products that are not only safe and natural but also healthier for people, pets and the planet. 

Take, for example, Hemp-Fresco™. A natural way of keeping food fresh, it is the perfect substitute for non-biodegradable plastic packaging. Made with renewable, premium Canadian hemp, Fresco pads use hemp’s natural absorption and odor-control properties to keep fruits and vegetables fresher, longer. Fresco pads are ultra-absorbent, protecting produce from ethylene, the gas produced by fruits and vegetables that causes quicker ripening and spoilage.  

Say goodbye to harmful plastic-based preservation packaging and switch to plant-based Fresco pads. Simply line your crisper drawers and fruit bowls with Fresco pads once a month and you’ll have fresh vegetables longer, saving money and the planet.

Hemp-Fresco is sustainable and environmentally-friendly all the way, from its production and packaging to its use and disposal. Packaged in recyclable paper, the pad filling is compostable. All you have to do is cut open the Fresco pad, toss the inner hemp contents in your green bin and recycle the outer pad in your blue bin.  

July is Plastic Free month. Make Hemp-Fresco the simple and sustainable step you take towards a healthier and plastic-free world.

At HEMPALTA, we’re doing our part to help better the planet, one hemp product at a time. Join us!

Hemp to Better the Planet. 

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