Building a Sustainable Business around Hemp

Building a Sustainable Business around Hemp

Building a Sustainable Business around Hemp

It’s no secret that in today’s world, hyper-consumerism and overconsumption have forced manufacturing companies to choose materials - such as wood and plastics - that aren’t sustainable and/or contain harmful toxins and ingredients. However, increasing environmental awareness, ESG initiatives, and the urgency of climate action have made many manufacturers rethink their approach and choose green raw materials instead. This has created an increased demand for alternatives that are widely available, profitable, and sustainable.

Which brings us to hemp. Sometimes called a “miracle plant,” hemp is natural, sustainable, versatile, and strong. And yet it’s been long overlooked as a raw material, even though it’s been used for textiles and other products in Europe and Central Asia for millennia. Hemp can be grown in various climates and in a wide range of soils. It requires relatively little water, grows rapidly and has a very small ecological footprint - in other words, it’s the perfect example of a sustainable, versatile raw material. It can be used in more than 25,000 commercial and industrial products. And it flourishes on the Canadian prairies.

Enter Alberta-based HEMPALTA, one of the only commercial-scale hemp processors in North America able to manufacture high-value hemp products. HEMPALTA is led by passionate advocates for industrial hemp who work with progressive farmers and world-recognized researchers. We use the natural strength and sustainability of this ancient crop to dramatically improve how we all make the things we need and how we interact with the Earth. 

The next revolution in agriculture has already taken root, as people everywhere are demanding sustainability and better practices that are good for the planet. The 100% biodegradable, recyclable and reusable properties of hemp, combined with state-of-the-art ag tech, lets HEMPALTA offer a wide range of sustainable consumer and commercial products. 

Our goal is to help individuals achieve their personal sustainability goals, while supporting companies working toward their corporate ESG priorities. Our own processing facility is near waste-free and we support progressive farmers.

At HEMPALTA, we’re passionate about making the world better - cleaner, healthier, and more ecologically sound - for future generations. We’re building our company from the ground up to be a force for good.  


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