Introducing HempZorb: The All-Natural, Super Spill-Absorbent 

Introducing HempZorb: The All-Natural, Super Spill-Absorbent 

Introducing HempZorb: The All-Natural, Super Spill-Absorbent 

Have you ever accidentally spilled something on the floor, done a bad job at cleaning it up and slipped on the residue? We’ve all been there. A hard floor is all fun and games until there’s a spill you aren’t able to clean, get rid of, or worse, stop slipping on. 

Spills on hard floors, whether at home or on the job, can be hazardous and increase the risk of slips and falls. More than half of falls, 67% to be exact, are a result of slips and trips which can occur for a variety of reasons. Precautionary measures like special footwear, walking techniques and safe falling tips are not always effective and should always be the last resort. 

The most fundamental way to prevent slips and trips caused by spills is to clean them immediately and effectively. What better way to do that than through HEMPALTA’s HempZorb™? Made from 100% premium Canadian hemp, HempZorb is a one-of-a-kind spill absorbent, the likes of which you haven’t come across...until now.

HempZorb uses hemp’s natural quality of high absorbency for quick and easy spill clean-up. Its unique ultra-lightweight and ultra-absorbent formula is non-abrasive so it won’t leave scratches on your floor. HempZorb, made from 100% premium hemp, is a eco-friendly and chemical-free.  

 No matter the type of spill - oil, water, paint or bio-material, HempZorb, the super spill absorbent, absorbs it all in three simple steps: 

  • Pour around the spill: If the spill is flowing, simply pour HempZorb in front of it creating a dam. The viscosity of the liquid determines the required amount of HempZorb.   
  • Mix HempZorb with liquid: Use a bristle brush in a circular motion to mix HempZorb into the spilled liquid until the liquid is completely absorbed. 
  • Sweep up the spill: After the spill is absorbed by HempZorb, sweep up the mixture into a dustpan and discard. 

So next time, don’t cry over spilled milk - or oil, or antifreeze, or any other liquid for that matter. Simply use HempZorb for a hassle-free, easy spill cleanup!

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