Save Your Salad, the Earth, and your Wallet

Save Your Salad, the Earth, and your Wallet

Save Your Salad, the Earth, and your Wallet

Have you ever opened your crisper drawer to make a salad, only to discover a sad swamp of sludgy cucumbers and limp lettuce? Of course you have. Most of us regularly throw out fruits and vegetables because they go bad before we’ve had a chance to enjoy them. 

In fact, one-third of all food produced globally is wasted, with the average Canadian contributing a staggering 170 kilograms of food waste per year. (To put it in a Canadian context: that’s about as much as a black bear weighs. It’s a lot.)

According to Canada’s Food Price Report, the average Canadian household spends CAD$13,907.25 on food a year, wasting more than CAD$1,766 on uneaten food.

The environmental impact of food waste is flat-out alarming. Every time we throw a tomato in the compost, we’re also wasting all of the resources that went into its production, processing, packaging, transportation and storage. The water wasted throughout the food production process alone could cover the world’s household water needs for an entire year ( And food waste contributes to greenhouse gas emissions twice: once during the food’s production and then again while it’s decomposing in landfills. 

Clearly, one of the simple things we can do to help is to invest in food storage and preservation technology. Now, “food preservation technology” might put you in mind of synthetic chemicals, non-biodegradable plastic packaging, and chunky containers - but all these things can be unhealthy for us and also harm the environment. Natural food preservation technologies are the way to go. Hemp Can Save Food! 

With Hemp-Fresco™, we at HEMPALTA have created a hemp-based food preservation product that keeps produce fresher, longer.  It saves you from disappointment, extra work, and skyrocketing costs - and helps you keep your family nourished. Just slip a Fresco pad into your crisper and say goodbye to wilted greens and disappointing berries. Depending on use, each pad lasts around a month. Bonus: Hemp-Fresco is sustainable! After use,cut open the Fresco pad and toss the inner hemp contents in your green bin and recycle the outer pad in your blue bin. 

Made from renewable, eco-friendly Canadian hemp, Hemp-Fresco is proven to slow the spoilage of fresh produce and drastically cut the amount of food we waste. It’s sustainable, ultra-absorbent and Canadian-made. 

Want to save your salad, and your wallet? Check out Hemp-Fresco to keep everything under the sun fresher, longer!  

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